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Get ready for the experience of your lifetime

Downtown is one place where the atmosphere you breathe, the sights you soak in and the sounds you imbibe will all unveil a novel concept in modern day urban lifestyle. There's a rare kind of vivid energy that will do its rounds to keep everybody and everything buzzing.

A perfect day at Downtown will begin with you awakening to lush green views followed by a brisk morning walk at the life-size garden. You'll discover youngsters cycling and skateboarding by, while cooling down at your favourite garden bench.

You'll head out to work after a sumptuous breakfast and let the youthful street chatter mingle with fresh aroma of coffee from the wayside cafes. At mid-day you could pop out for an energizing breather with colleagues at the open-air break zone. The captivating views from your cabin will keep you connected to the buzzing life below. The appetizing whiffs from the restaurant across will remind you of that client meeting planned over a sumptuous lunch buffet. You'll gather round your buddies from work for a peppy evening at the pub before heading back home, only to encounter lively street music and jolly hip-hoppers who take you by surprise. On the weekend, you could go on a shopping escapade plus a foodie exploration of the many dining options at the numerous eateries