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  • Cheryl

    Cheryl - 2 & 3 Rooms, Living & Kitchen

    Trendy Apartments

    You crave to adorn the trendiest apparel and accessories, then why not a fashionable home that goes with your attitude? When you admire something you emulate your heart's desire. This is exactly why you'll be sure to share more than just an emotional connection with your home her.

    Cheryl, as the names suggests a feeling of being beloved; this is certainly a place that will catch your immediate attention. With commercial spaces on the ground floor and 2 & 3 Rooms, Living & Kitchen A...........

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  • Xenia


    Premium Garden Apartments

    2 Rooms, Living & Kitchen

    Xenia comprises of retail shops on the ground floor and 2 Rooms, Living & Kitchen apartments. The brilliant display of landscapes in the surrounding and nearby water stream ads to the pleasing attraction to Xenia.


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